Project Overview
       What is this project?
How's it gonna work?
Why do you keep putting half finished stuff up for download?



    What is this project?
This is a fan based project to create a fan guide. In short, this will be an all 
         inclusive guide made by fans for fans. Both for the Veteran pilot of the 
         Kilrathi war who wants to see what Prince Thrakath's reputation was back 
         then, and for the plebe newbie pilot who want to know who this Maniac guy is.


    How's it gonna work?
Originally, the creator's plan was to make it an animated and interactive 
         system by using Microsoft PowerPoint(R)  to build the guide. However, while 
         the initial tests looked promising, he ran into problems with version 
         compatibility and stability of it all. Now, the project will take two, possibly 
         three forms. Form one will be a web based system, much like this Web page.
         Form two, will be a downloadable book in Microsoft Word(R) format. The
         third possible form will be more universal and will take the form of an Adobe
         Acrobat (R) E-book. However, at this current time, that is only an option and
         no promises are being made.

    Why do you keep putting half finished stuff up for  
The Wing Commander fan is a massive undertaking. A guide that covers the
           contents of more then a dozen computer games, several novels, a movie and a tv 
           show is no small feat. It must be taken in steps. And each step must be sure
           footed before another is taken.
              More then any other Fan project out there, the Wing Commander Fan Guide is
           a project being made by fans, for the fans. It's not a modification of Wing
           Commander Secret Ops, or a free standing program. It is a book, plain and
           simple. With that in mind, anyone can contribute to the guide. In fact, everyone
           is encouraged to contribute to the guide.
            Over the past year or so, I've talked to people who've told me "Wing
           Commander is dead! It's not coming back." While that could be true (I
           personally don't beleive it) The Wing Commander Fan Guide is a single
           representation that while Wing Commander may no longer be a continuing game
           from the companies, the fan base for it is still strong and standing.
           So, to answer the question: I keep posting half finished stuff to give the rest
           of the Wing Commander community the chance to make their views known on it.
           This is chance for everyone else to be involved in the Wing Commander Universe.