Code Name: Admiral Jonathan Maverike
 Real Name: Michael
 Project Position: Project Lead
Contact Info: Instant Messengers
                   Myke_bim2003 (Yahoo!)
                 Nightprime01 (AIM)

Bio: Born in the early eighties, Michael was raised in the age of electronics and digital media. This setting suited the growing youth well enough, who was always tinkering and reverse engineering in his self driven attempts to learn. At the age of 15, Michael gained open access to the internet, and with it he was introduced to the concept of massive media and information. 

      Always the creator, Michael quickly learned the basics of HTML and web design. With in a few weeks of gaining the internet, he was well on his way to creating his first website. Initially, nothing more then a collection of pages that contained information about his various hobbies and favorites, Michael soon found that organization was crucial to any large body of information. 

  As the months passed, Michael passed into other hobbies and favorites, among them being Godzilla, a renewed interest in 80's cartoon series such as G.I. Joe and Transformers, and the Anime craze of Gundam. In Mid-99, He found a website devoted to Gundam. The site was the now defunct Gundam project by Mark Simmons. Designed to be a informational site dedicated to Gundam, Gundam Project was unique in that class of Gundam Fan pages. The Information was presented in a clean, concise format and the format was the same across the entire website. The Layouts did not change from one page to the next and even more then that, there was both technical data such as height and weight, but also a description of the mobile suit or character being described in the entry. changed the way Michael thought of WebPages. Where many "high end" WebPages had been built using advanced Java controls, or perhaps had been built entirely in Flash, was built using normal HTML coding. It wasn't a flashy site, it was a workable site. No longer convinced that a website need have a single flashy gimmick, Michael returned to WebPages development with a renewed interest. 

     Late in '99, Michael revisited an old computer game that had caught his interest in his younger days, but he hadn't given any thought to in recent months. Wing Commander Prophecy. With his renewed interest in Wing Commander, and new concept of what a web page should be, it only seemed the logical step to develop a web page for Wing Commander.

  But Michael's ambition knows few boundaries, and he soon craved the quality and flexibility of pictures made specifically for his page. As if his desire for new images was not enough, he quickly progressed into a desire to develop an all encompassing guide to Wing Commander. From the original computer game for the 286 processor to the latest installment and stories. While the information aspect alone would be daunting, the fact that he wanted brand new artwork created a problem, due to his lack of artistic skills. 

   Never one to give into pride and vanity, Michael was not above asking for help with this project. With a posting at the CIC message boards, and freshly built web page, Michael soon found the aide he was searching for. With in a month, Michael had taken the lead of nearly a dozen people to work on his brain child of a single cohesive guide to Wing Commander, and it seemed as if it would become a reality with time and dedication.

    However fate would seem to be fickle. Where his project had been soaring only days prior, now it seemed to be doomed to become a tiny foot note of a failed project in the history books. Michael's computer system took a power surge and quite literally ruined the entire system. With a repair estimate measuring in at the low $600's, Michael suddenly found himself with out his own computer, and unable to pay for the repairs due to limited finances. For more then a year, the Wing Commander Fan guide waiting in limbo.